Vintage Suzani wall hanging Twelve Princess

Vintage Suzani wall hanging Twelve Princess


A beautiful Suzani from Uzbekistan, all hand embroidered on cotton. Our few pieces are rare due to their high quality of hand embroidery. Perfect for wall hanging or just on a bed. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED I HAVE MANY COLORS/DESIGNS I CAN SEND YOU PICTURES

310 cm by 230 cm ( 122 inch by 90.5 inch)

Exploration Notes

'Suzani', from the Persian word 'needle'

decorative textile originally made to cover the inside of yurts

dyed pieces of fabric are taken to a kalamkash, an older woman who acts as the local designer in each village, then the suzani parts were taken apart for multiple groups of family members to embroider their sections simultaneously (as shown in picture)

often when they are returned, the pattern parts may not match perfectly and extra stitches are added along the seams

the forms found on these pieces are old traditional abstractions inspired by ottoman designs, hellenic stone carvings, and afghani shapes (following Alexander the Great's conquests)

"Floral motifs are the most present. In a desert landscape, oasis and courtyard gardens are especially cherished."


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