furniture design collaboration with Marvin Freitas of Form Co.

initially designed for the boutique hotel Alma

inspired by my girls' favorite tales, the Mille et unes nuits (1001 Nights)


The brass inlays are a reminder of the Orient (or-ient: or meaning gold in french), while the canopy brings a palatial warmth and privacy. They can be used open, with a drapery at the back as we did at Alma Hotel, or entirely covered with fabric to create an intimate cocoon or tent.

Each piece is made in Marvin's studio in Minneapolis, MN from locally sourced white oak, but also proposed in locally sourced hardwoods such as maple, ash, walnut.

All finishes are hand rubbed with natural oils and waxes. Every piece is unique with random brass inlay of various sizes inserted in the wood.



Twin + Full + Queen + King

(with or without canopy)


Coffee Table






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