timbuktu mini noir

timbuktu mini noir


Inspired by the breathtaking visual beauty of the movie TIMBUKTU made by the Abderrahamane Sissako and the life of the beautiful Tuareg nomad family living in the desert under a tent, I wanted to make a pouch that would hold everything needed for a simple life.

This is the Limited edition black version in an extremely soft leather that you will not want to put down. ALSO AVAILABLE IN A LIMITED EDITION, IN METALLIC SILVER.

Its a chic, dream of a clutch that can be used during the day and at night, its something that you want to have your hands on.

Size: 6.5 H"by 9" W, 2 2/8 in Depth

Brass zipper, lined with 100% thin striped denim with a pocket

Very small logo embossed on leather placed on top middle of the clutch

Hand cut long black leather zipper pull with tassels at the end.

You can choose the tassel color from black, metallic gold, silver, or red.

Made by hand, with love in Minneapolis.

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