turkish rug cleaning

I am sure there are many other methods, but this is the one I learned from my grandmother in Istanbul, and we loved helping her and get completely wet. I use Savon de Marseille which is a clean hypoalergenic soap that is also used to wash baby clothes. In the US one can only find it in square shape and that's OK, in Europe I use.... I dilute the soap in half a bucket hot water, get on my knees and brush strongly the soap water after I spread the bubbles with my hands on the carpet . I hose it down for a while to get all the soap out and try to push all the water I can with my hands (a movement where you want to push the water from the sides of the carpet, its actually fun because it sprays out).

I let it dry outside (turn on the other side too). On a sunny day it takes 24 - 36 hours to dry.

Talin spring