talisman sterling and semi precious stone bracelets

talisman sterling and semi precious stone bracelets


Inspired by the classic Nimes bracelet "le coulas", the city where denim came from. These bracelets were originally made of gold and given by the fiance to his future wife with one pendant/breloque.

Its a simple form that can be traced back to the 18th century in the region.

This collection is made in collaboration with my friend jewelry maker Sue, also available in bag talismans and necklaces.

1. ritulated quartz, coral, sterling fish, amazonite, afghan hand carved lapis

2. silver fish, agate, ritulated quartz, cornaline, silver cube. SOLD OUT

3. silver bead, coral, hand carved afghan lapis, hand carved afghan jade

4. ritulated quartz, berber sterling piece, hand carved afghan lapis, coral, agate.

Hand made in Minneapolis in 925 Sterling Silver.

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