Beldi Recycled glass from Marrakesh (Set of 4)

Beldi Recycled glass from Marrakesh (Set of 4)


Made since 1940 in the Beldi glass factory, now inside the Beldi Country Club in Marrakesh, these delicate pieces are made from recycled glass. The Beldi is committed to sustaining traditional Moroccan skills such as weaving, pottery, and glass blowing.

Two tons of glass are recycled and remelted in the factory each day. The blown pieces are then cut by hand using a flame. Debris are remelted while finished glasses are place in a furnace before being washed and stored.

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These Beldi glasses are a perfect addition to your summer table, their unique hand blown quality accentuated by tiny bubbles of air underneath the surface of the green-hued glass. They can be used for beer, lemonade, ice tea…

5“ high, top diameter 2.75”

Carafe sold separately.

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