Charvet Washed Linen Napkins (set of four)

Charvet Washed Linen Napkins (set of four)


Charvet is a century old French company located in Armentières, near Lille. city known since the Middle Ages as the “city of toile” “Cité de la Toile”

Armentières was the top industrial textile town until the second half of the XXth century. Thanks to the river Lys, several weaving and spinning facilities setteled in the town, as well as other industrial activities such as brewing. Thus, Armentières had became the city of toile and beer.

We chose a small collection of everyday use, machine washable napkins that will bring a French elegance to your table.

100% washed linen

3 colors

Size: 16.5" by 16.5"

Made in France-

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