Fique Mochila with Two Handles

Fique Mochila with Two Handles


FIQUE is a fiber drawn by hand from the Furcraea Andina plant (type of palm tree) adapted to low water conditions. It is grown all along the Andes mountains in Peru and Colombia. It has been used since ancient times for clothing, bags, sandals, and rugs. The Inca wore sandals made of Fique.

Fique is also used for water desalinization as reinforcement for cement roofing tiles, or as biofuel. More recently, a Cornell University study explained that Colombian Fique plant fibers immersed in a solution of sodium permanganate then treated with ultrasound was a solution against pollution created by toxic dyes in the waterways around textile plants. 

Designed by SF&Co, these Mochilas are hand croched in Fique Fiber in the region of Santa Marta (Colombia) on the Caribbean-

Size: about 7” bottom diameter and 10” hight, handle drop 12” can go over the shoulder.

They last many years and are prefect as a light bag to put in your suitcase when travelling for ex.

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