Bégonia Stone Blue

Bégonia Stone Blue


The first time I was introduced to Marion was through our mutual friend Carole. That day I stayed over for dinner and discovered  a talented fashion stylist and designer who could create anything with her hands. I've wanted to bring over a few pairs of her raffia collection to the US ever since she started in 2012, having received so many compliments about my pairs over the years.

So here it is... a very very small collection that is selling out fast!

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Yvonne Waska  mules are made in Essaouira, woven by hand from natural raphia fiber, a technique inherited from the Spanish legionnaires who taught northern Moroccan prisoners at the beginning of the 20th century.

Harness-stitched leather detail.

Leather sole and leather inside lining.

If your size is not available, contact us about the possibility of being in our next order.

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